Mailing Lists

To send a message to everyone on a particular list, use one of the email addresses listed below.   After the list server receives your message, it will then redistribute the message to all of the subscribers of the list. Email coming from addresses that have not subscribed to the list will not be delivered in a timely manner because they must be approved for delivery.

Pack members can subscribe to each mailing list by clicking on the join link below.  The message to the “Join” address does not need to have anything special in the subject line or body of the message. Once the message is received, the list server will reply to the originating email address providing both a link to follow to confirm that you would like to subscribe to the list or an email address to use to accomplish the same thing. After clicking the confirm link or sending a confirm message, you are then subscribed to the list and will begin receiving messages sent to the list.

To unsubscribe from a list, the process is very similar except that one would use the leave link in the table below. The confirmation link or email will cause the email address to be removed from the list of members for that mailing list.

Messages that have been sent to each of the lists are archived for later use. The link in the archive column can be used to search the archive of past messages.

Mailing List Name Mailing List Address Subscribe/ Unsubscribe List Archive
Pack883 pack883-join
Pack883 Archive
Den 1 den1-join
Den1 Archive
Den 2 den2-join
Den2 Archive
Den 3 den3-join
Den3 Archive
Den 4 den4-join
Den4 Archive
Den 5 den5-join
Den5 Archive
Den 6 den6-join
Den6 Archive
Den 7 den7-join
Den7 Archive
Den 8 den8-join
Den8 Archive
Den 9 den9-join
Den9 Archive
Den 10 den10-join
Den10 Archive
Den Chiefs denchiefs-join
DenChiefs Archive