July, 2009

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Summertime Pack Activity – Model Rockets

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

Here is some more information about our Model Rocket event on Saturday morning:

 §         Build and Fly Model Rockets

o        Coordinator: Malcolm Parr

o        Date: Saturday, August 1at 9:00 AM

o        Location: Linton Springs Elementary School

o        Bring:  sunscreen, water/snacks, lawn chairs

o        Wear your Cub Scout Pack t-shirt

We hope to see you there!

You can still register through Yahoo! Groups – or, you can send an email to Cindy Knies at seinkc@qis.net

If you have a rocket launch pad, please bring it with you – and please email Malcolm at parr0311@comcast.net so that we know it will be there.  

So that we have enough supplies, please register by the end of the day tomorrow!

Summertime Pack Activities – Update

Wednesday, July 1st, 2009

Summertime Pack Activities are in full swing.  If you missed our fishing trip or our Scout Night at the Frederick Keys, there are still many more ways to have Cub Scout fun this summer.

Here’s the updated list showing the activities planned for later in the summer. 



Don’t forget to register through Yahoo! Groups:

Pre-registration is required for all Summertime Pack Activities.  To make this easy on everyone, all registrations will be managed through the Database function in Yahoo! Groups.  To register:


·      Log into Yahoo! Groups and choose “Pack883All”

·      On the LEFT side of the page, click on “Database.”  In the Database window, you will see the sign up sheets for each of the Summertime Pack Activities. (Except for any that are incomplete.  For the Scout Night at the Frederick Keys – fill out the form and submit it directly to Ron Cromwell at joinpack883@yahoo.com).

·      Click on the name of the event for which you are registering (for example, “Fishing Trip Sign Up”).  This opens up another window in which you will register for this outing.  (For your convenience, the date of the event and the date of the registration deadline are listed.)

·      Choose “Add Record” in the top RIGHT corner of the page.  This will open up another window.

·      Enter your son’s last name and the number of Cub Scouts, siblings, and parent helpers who will attend the event.

·      When you are finished entering the information, click the “Add Record” button in the bottom RIGHT corner. 

·      You are registered!  We will see you and your family at the event!